Lewis County Women Come to
WomanCare for Diagnostic Testing

Lewis County, West Virginia

When it comes to finding a close, convenient place for testing related to women’s healthcare issues, many women from across Lewis County have come to trust the state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff at WomenCare, located at 1703 Locust Ave., Fairmont, WV.

Patients from Jane Lew and Weston know that WomanCare is concerned with women’s health, and they find it at our office in Fairmont. There are many good reasons why women in Lewis County make the effort to visit us. We are here for regular, annual exams and testing, including gynecological services, mammography, ultrasound, and bone density scans. Our close distance to Lewis County makes it convenient for our patients.

WomanCare has made it a point to be the local place of excellence for women’s health, so make it a point to visit us when you seek wellness with compassionate care that is nearby. We care about women at WomenCare, Inc.

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Call for an Appointment, Fairmont: (304) 366-6100
~ Caring for Women in West Virginia Since 1985 ~